Elisa Pérez

I know how you feel when you need to get by in Spain but you don´t know how to start. I have been in that same spot during my time abroad.

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Hi there! My name is Elisa and I am the perfect Spanish teacher for you.

One of my favourite subjects has always been languages. Probably you studied a second language at school. I studied English based on a traditional method, with generic topics and without a native English speaker as a teacher. As a result, more than 10 years of studying left me with a poor English level.

When I moved to Ireland, I realised that due to my lack of English I wasn’t fully able to enjoy my Irish experience. I tried again at an offline academy and I learned that old methods and big groups weren’t enough to improve my language skills. 

After some months with a private teacher, I felt that my dedication was paying off. I got a job as a Teacher in a Primary School and also, I had some private students. My curriculum was getting better and better and I was selected to work in a Teaching Program in Canada, which gave me a new perspective and experience.

7 years teaching Spanish to English speakers

graduated as a Teacher and also I studied a Master’s Degree in Neuropsychology and Education. Ever since, I´ve been teaching in Spain, Ireland and Canada.

Through the years, I´ve been increasing my skills set with courses such as Recreational Methods, Teaching Materials and Psychological Education Resources. Therefore, I´ve a Certificate in Cognitive Grammar, which is the most current method of teaching Spanish as a second language.

 I have been teaching Spanish to differents levels but the one that I really love is beginner/intermediate level. That´s why I´m focused on teaching Spanish for beginners/intermediate to English speakers for daily situations.

teaching online

During my time teaching abroad, I realised that online lessons were getting popular. That´s why in 2019 I decided to set up my online teaching business. Thanks to teaching Spanish online I was able to achieve one of my dreams: to travel around Southwest Asia and Oceania. My husband and I had a great adventure backpacking through many countries.

After my travels, I came back home and currently I´m based in “La Costa del Sol”. As you might know, in this area there are a lot of English speakers living permanently or temporarily. Every day, I can see them trying to do their daily errands with some difficulties due to the language barrier. 

That´s the main reason why I create my academy. Just by having one-to-one lessons I can´t help a big group of people. However, with my academy I can reach a large group of people to manage in a real Spanish context such as appointments, restaurants or bureaucracy.

I have a purpose: to help as many people as I can, to learn Spanish for their daily life.

I have been teaching people from all around the world: Poland, India, Italy, Hong Kong, Denmark, Germany, Australia, Canada, UK and Ireland. During our lessons we exchange our culture and we have a friendly environment to enjoy the learning process.

Travelling has always been one of my favourite things to do. I’m keen on discovering new places, cultures, cuisine and people. So far I´ve been in 19 countries. Which one is my favourite? It´s tricky to choose, but I was amazed by the heavenly beaches in The Philippines and the beauty of nature in Iceland.


A bit more about me

gaucin spain

I grew up in a small and beautiful village in Málaga province, in the south of Spain. We are in a privilege spot surrounded by nature and animals. It is located in land but near to “La Costa del Sol”. The views of the mountains and river are stunning. You can even see Gibraltar and the north of Africa. It’s not only me who says that my village is amazing. The well-known newspaper The Telegraph wrote an article saying “Spain’s most picture-perfect town”.

spanish croquetas

Spanish culture is unique. During my time abroad, what I missed the most about my culture was the cuisine. Not being able to enjoy some tapas was a big deal for me! If I’m being honest, my favourites are my dad’s Spanish omelette and my mum’s croquetas! 😊

While my husband and I were travelling in Oceania, COVID-19 took over the world. So we ended up living in New Zealand for a few good months. After the lockdown we were able to discover the country in a caravan from south to north. It was a privilege to work surrounded by nature and stunning landscapes.

house sitting

I have been doing House-sitting during my travels adventures and it has been such an enriching experience. House-sitting is a great way to feel integrate in a new area at the same that taking care of some pets and the house.