Elisa Pérez

online spanish tutor

Hi there! My name is Elisa and I can be the perfect Spanish teacher for you.

One of my favourite subjects has always been languages. Probably you studied a second language at school. I studied English based on a traditional method, with generic topics and without a native English speaker as a teacher. As a result, more than 10 years of studying left me with a poor English level.

When I moved to Ireland, I realised that due to my lack of English I wasn’t fully able to enjoy my Irish experience. I tried again at an offline academy and I learned that old methods and big groups weren’t enough to improve my language skills.

After some months with a private teacher, I felt that my dedication was paying off. I got a job as a Teacher in a Primary School and also, I had some private students. In 2019 I set up my online teaching business.

Throughout my experience, I now know that the best way to learn a second language is to have tailored lessons and focus on the main interests and needs of the students. Helping people to learn Spanish is my passion.