Useful sentences for daily Spanish

Would you like to have some basic words in Spanish for every day situation? Maybe you´d love to be able to communicate with Spanish people or to ask for some help during your time in Spain.

Here you have this free course in order to have a first approach to Spanish language in a real context. If you are starting with Spanish from scratch, this course is made for you.

Useful sentences for daily Spanish – Course description

During this course, you´ll learn some useful sentences and expression for your daily conversation in Spanish. In this course, you´ll find some basic words and sentences to get by in any situation. Apart from that, you´ll see some basic expressions in order to express joy and also sadness. But most importantly, we´ll cover some sentences about what to say when you understand or not understand something, as well as how to ask for some help. After doing this course, you´ll be able to speak some Spanish in any context. Whether you’re travelling for holidays or you live between Spain and your home country, this course will provide you with the basic tools that you need to ensure a successful communication.


What will I learn with this course?

  1. Learn basic Spanish words.
  2. Utilise basic Spanish sentences in real-life situations.
  3. Be able to use expressions for joy situations.
  4. Use the appropriate Spanish sentences for sad situations.
  5. Be able to express understanding.
  6. Learn how to ask for some help in Spanish.

Basic words in Spanish

1. Quiz item match: Basic words
3 questions

Basic expressions in Spanish

2. Quiz: single choice. Basic expressions
5 questions

Expressing joy

Expressing sadness

4. Quiz true or false: Expressing joy or sadness
5 questions


5. Quiz single choice: Understanding
4 questions


6. Quiz single choice: Help
5 questions
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