Golf terms in Spanish

Do you enjoy playing golf but you don´t have this vocabulary in Spanish? Maybe you´d like to chat with other friends at your club but you don´t feel confident for that.

That won´t be a problem for you from now on. In this course, you will learn all necessary for playing golf in Spain. After doing this course you´ll have all the basics and you´ll feel completely confident in this context.

Golf terms in Spanish – Course description

This course covers all the basic golf terms in Spanish that you need to know in order to understand and play golf in Spain. You’ll learn golf vocabulary, how to make sentences associated with golf terms and how to use them in a real context. This course is perfect for those who already have some Spanish, as well as for those who are beginners. You’ll learn Spanish in a fun and interactive way, giving you the tools and confidence that you need.


What will I learn with this course?

  1. Understand of basic golf terms in Spanish.
  2. Identify the correct Spanish terms for golf equipment.
  3. Use common golf terms in Spanish conversations.
  4. Accurately pronounce Spanish golf vocabulary.
  5. Understand the cultural context of golf terms in Spanish.

Introduction to Golf Terms

Common Golf Terms in Spanish

Different Types of Golf Shots in Spanish

How to Book a Golf Course in Spanish

Understanding the Rules of Golf in Spanish

Booking and Canceling Golf Tee Times

Handy sentences for playing golf

golf terms in spanish
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