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furniture in spanish

Furniture in Spanish – Course description

This course is designed for people who are looking for information and guidance on how to buy furniture for their homes in Spanish. We will cover the essential terms and phrases related to furniture, as well as the cultural aspects of buying furniture in Spain. Through interactive activities, you will gain a better understanding of the language and be able to discuss furniture with confidence and ease. Learn the right words and expressions to confidently buy furniture, regardless of the type of furniture you are looking for.


What will I learn with this course?

  1. Learn common words and phrases related to furniture in Spanish.
  2. Develop the ability to ask questions about furniture
  3. Understand answers in Spanish related to furniture.
  4. Utilize Spanish furtinure vocabulary in real context.
  5. Learn how to ask requests, prices and some details in a furniture store.

Introduction to Spanish Furniture Shops

Basic Spanish Vocabulary for Furniture Shopping

Asking for Advice in Spanish

Making Requests in Spanish

Asking Prices and Making Inquiries

Understanding Furniture Shop Descriptions