Dog grooming in Spanish

Do you need to take your dog to the dog grooming but you struggle with this vocabulary? That won´t be a problem for you any longer. Learn how to go to the dog grooming salon in Spanish with this course.

Whether you are a complete beginner or need a refresher, this course will help you learn the specific vocabulary, terms and sentences for taking your dog to the salon. After doing this course, you will feel much more confident every time that you need to go to the dog grooming.

Dog grooming in Spanish – Course description

Learn how to take your dog to the dog grooming salon in Spain by learning the vocabulary and specific terms. In this course we will be covering how to make or change an appointment, how to ask for the type of service that you´re interested in, as well as some useful sentences for this specific topic. On top of that, we´ll learn some useful expressions that you might need. By the end of the course, not olly you will be able to confidently go to the Dog Grooming salon in Spanish, but also to have  an enjoyable experience for both you and your dog.

What will I learn with this course?

  1. Understand basic Spanish vocabulary related to dog grooming.
  2. Learn how to ask questions related to dog grooming in Spanish.
  3. Understand the correct Spanish grammar and pronunciation of dog grooming terms.
  4. Use the appropriate Spanish words and phrases in a dog grooming environment.
  5. Be able to ask for the a specific service.
  6. Learn how to communicate with groomers in Spanish.
Dog grooming in Spanish
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