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At the pharmacy in Spanish

At the pharmacy in Spanish – Course description

Learn how to manage at the pharmacy in Spanish. This course is designed to help you to communicate with the pharmacist in Spanish. We will cover how to ask for your medication, and how to explain your health issue in order to find what you need. We will also look at commun situations related to presciptions and helth insurences. Whether you live in Spain or you spend your holidays in Spain, this course covers basics helth needs that you might have at any point.

What will I learn with this course?

  1. Learn most commun medecine vocabulary in Spanish.
  2. Explain your health issues to the pharmacist
  3. Understand how insurance is used in relation to prescription drugs in Spain.
  4. Utilize Spanish terms related to the pharmacy.
  5. Utilize the Spanish language to properly  ask questions related to medication.

Introduction to medicine vocabulary in Spanish

Health and Social Care in the Spanish Pharmacy

Prescription Medication in Spain

Interacting with Spanish Pharmacists

Basic Spanish Conversations in the Pharmacy