At the bank in Spanish

Have you ever felt frustrated at the bank in Spain? Are you not able to communicate at your bank office? This course is going to help you with all bank management that you might need in your daily life in Spain.

During this course, we´ll go deep into bank vocabulaby in Spanish. Also, we are going to learn about opening/closing a bank account, making a bank transfer or withdrawing some money. After doing this course, you´ll be able to walk in to your bank office and deal with your finances.

At the bank in Spanish – Course description

This course provides an introduction to banking and finance in Spanish. It covers the basics of banking, including topics such as opening a bank account, bank products, transferences, and credit cards. It also covers how to make sententes and requests to your banker in Spanish. Throught this course you´ll have a basic understanding of the most commun bank transactions. It is ideal for those who are living permanently or temporaly in Spain and are  seeking to learn more about managing their finances.

What will I learn with this course?

  1. Learn bank vocabulary in Spanish.
  2. Ask for opening or closing a bank account in Spain.
  3. Identify the different types of bank services and products.
  4. Learn how to make questions in a bank context
  5. Ask for a bank transfer.
  6. Understand banking charges and fees.
At the bank in Spanish
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