Do you feel it is too late for you to learn Spanish?

You are missing out on a full experience in Spain simply because you don’t speak Spanish.

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My name is Elisa and I´m a qualified and native Spanish teacher.

After living in Spain for a long time, still the language barrier is affecting your daily life.

How many times have you felt frustrated:

Managing your medical appointments?

Not understanding the menu in a restaurant?

Sending/getting a package in the post office?

Taking your car for the Spanish ITV?

Depending on Google translator?

You might feel that age is an obstacle for this learning. However, learning Spanish later in life can be a rewarding experience.

You need Spanish for your daily errands but, where to start?

In this free course you´ve your first steps:

A full Spanish pronunciation guide that most people don´t know. After this, pronunciation won´t be a problem for you.

How to use in a real context those basic words that probably you already know. 

Connect with local people by using these basic expressions in (almost) every context.

In the lesson 3 and 4 you´ll learn how to answer not only in happy situations but also in unexpected situations.

A small detail that can help you when you do or do not understand something.

Some help sentences that will save you in any situation.